Mississippi Lottery to Launch Holiday Scratch-Off Games

Mississippi Lottery to Launch Holiday Scratch-Off Games

Mississippi Lottery players can look forward to four new scratch-off games for the holiday season this year, offering prizes up to $200,000. The exciting new tickets will be available from retailers statewide on Tuesday, November 3.

"These games will feature eye-catching graphics with a festive feel at $1, $2, $5 and $10 price points," said Tom Shaheen, Mississippi Lottery Corporation (MLC) President.

And if you're on the lookout for stocking-stuffers or Secret Santa treats, the scratch-offs are just the ticket. "They will make great holiday gifts for family, friends and co-workers 21 years or older," he said.

The games offer the chance to win serious cash before the holidays too, with great top prizes:

  • Winter Winnings - win up to $200,000
  • Holiday Cash - win up to $100,000
  • Holiday Treasures - win up to $20,000
  • Sleigh Bills - win up to $5,000

Find your nearest MS Lottery retailer here.

Cash 3 and 2nd Chance continue to be favorites

Mississippi's newest draw game, Cash 3, which offers a top prize of $500 with a daily draw, continues to be a popular choice, and players have also welcomed the 2nd Chance prize drawings for scratch-off games that are ending.

"Registered players have grown to more than 20,000 people who have collectively submitted over 534,000 entries in just under two months," Shaheen noted. "As a reminder, 2nd Chance promotional prize drawings occur after the MLC announces the end of a scratch-off game."

Players with non-winning tickets for scratch-off games that are ending can enter 2nd Chance drawings, which offer a free option to score the last top prize.

You can enter 2nd Chance drawings multiple times - all that's required is a different eligible ticket for each chance to win. Entry deadlines apply and tickets submitted after the cutoff are ineligible.

Do you live in another state? You can still enter 2nd Chance draws. Simply check your ticket for the 2nd Chance drawing symbol to see if it qualifies for entry.

Winners are randomly chosen in the 2nd Chance drawing; odds of winning depend on the number of entries and the total number of times you've entered each game's 2nd Chance promotion.

2nd Chance winners will be alerted with a letter delivered via USPS Certified Mail containing information on how to collect the prize. After receiving the letter, winners have 10 calendar days to redeem their win.

Mississippi Lottery makes September transfer to state

The MS Lottery recently completed its latest transfer of $8,201,767.82 to the Lottery Proceeds Fund in the State Treasury. Fiscal Year 2021 has seen $26,508,657.56 transferred to the state since July.

“Thanks to Mississippians, we continue to raise needed funds for road and bridge repairs throughout the state,” said Shaheen. After expenses and prize payouts, the first $80 million in Lottery revenue is earmarked for roads and bridges through June 2028.

Funds above $80 million go to the state's public schools. Despite the coronavirus crisis, sales have outpaced projections, achieving revenue of around $10 million or above per week. Although some of the money will repay the initial loan to establish the Lottery, education contributions should start next year if sales continue at this rate.

Mississippi began selling Lottery tickets on November 25, 2019. From then until the end of June, MLC contributed $70.7 million to the state, despite a 10-13 percent fall in sales during the early part of the pandemic.

"The Lottery has been way more successful than we anticipated," said Sen. Joel Carter, R-Gulfport.

In addition to the launch of new scratch-offs on the first Tuesday of every month, new daily four- and five-digit draw games are also in the pipeline, giving players plenty of exciting new MS Lottery options to play in the future.

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