New Draw Game Called Cash 3 Coming to Mississippi

New Draw Game Called Cash 3 Coming to Mississippi

The Mississippi Lottery is set to launch its third draw game - Cash 3. Drawings are set to take place seven days a week and you will have the chance to play for a top prize of $500. Cash 3 will launch on Tuesday September 1st and tickets will be available from 5:00am. 

Cash 3 will be familiar to anyone who has played a ‘pick-3’ style game in other states. Unlike Powerball and Mega Millions, which are designed to pay out huge multimillion-dollar jackpots, Cash 3 will offer smaller prizes much more often. 

To play, you pick three numbers between 0 and 9 and then choose from a number of different play types, which determines how you want to match the numbers - for example, in the exact order or in any order. Ticket prices, prize money, and odds of winning will all depend on the play type you choose. Here are all the play types you will be able to choose from:

  • Exact Order - Match the three winning numbers in the exact order they’re drawn
  • Any Order - Match the winning numbers in any order
  • Exact / Any Order - Combines Exact Order and Any Order into a single play
  • Combination - Gives you an Exact Order play on every combination of your three numbers
  • 1-Off - Match the numbers in the exact order or if one of your digits is ‘one-off’, so one higher or lower than one of the winning numbers

Exact Order plays are also known as ‘Straight’ plays, and Any Order plays are also known as ‘Box’ plays. Go to the Cash 3 Information page for a more in-depth explanation of the different play types.

You can choose to pay either $0.50 or $1 for most play types - the higher ticket cost also means higher prizes. You can pick the same number more than once in your three-digit combination, but doing so can have an effect on how much it costs to play and how much you can win. 

If you pick two identical numbers and one unique number - for example, 122 - that’s known as a ‘three-way’ play, as there are three possible combinations of those numbers (122, 212, 221). If you pick three different numbers - for example, 123 - that’s a ‘six-way’ play, as there are six possible combinations (123, 132, 213, 231, 312, 321).

Any Order plays are split into three-way and six-way types. Three-way plays are harder to win than six-way ones, as there are fewer winning combinations to hit, but the prize money is also higher for a three-way play. 

Play Odds of Winning Payout
Three-Way Any Order 1 in 333 $160
Six-Way Any Order 1 in 167 $80

Combination plays are also split into three-way and six-way. With this type you place an Exact Order play on every possible combination of your chosen numbers. That means if you play a three-way Combination, you’re placing an Exact Order play on three different sets of numbers, and for a six-way, you place an Exact Order play on six different combinations. You pay for every individual Exact Order play, so playing a six-way costs twice as much as a three-way.

Multi-draw tickets will be available when Cash 3 launches, allowing you to play up to seven drawings in advance. Winning numbers will be confirmed at approximately 9:50pm and you will be able to find all the latest results on the Cash 3 Numbers page.

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