Mississippi Lottery Set To Launch New Cash Pop Game

Mississippi Lottery Set To Launch New Cash Pop Game

A new draw game is coming to Mississippi from November 20, with Cash Pop set to go on sale at lottery retailers throughout the state. 

It is the first game to make its debut since Cash 4 was introduced in January, and is another lottery that will give you various options for how to play.

How Cash Pop Works

In Cash Pop, only one winning number will be selected from 1 to 15 in every draw. You can pick more than one number if you like. In fact, you can even cover all the numbers to guarantee a win.

You can choose how much to wager per number, up to a maximum of $10. A prize value will be printed on your ticket alongside each of your chosen numbers, and you will win the amount that is shown if that number is selected as the winner.

There’s a top prize of $2.500, although this is only available if you’ve wagered the maximum $10. Draws take place at 2:30 PM and 9:30 PM every day. Go to the Cash Pop page to learn more.

Versions of Cash Pop have proved popular elsewhere in the U.S., and the new game is sure to help the Mississippi Lottery raise even more money for the state.

Net proceeds up to $80 million each year go to the State Highway Fund to help repair, renovate and maintain highways and bridges. Funds above $80 million go to the Education Enhancement Fund.

Transfers to the state for Fiscal Year 2023 are already above $28 million, and are sure to increase rapidly with Cash Pop on the way and big jackpots up for grabs in other games, including the record-breaking $1.9 billion Powerball grand prize. 

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  • Published: Monday, 7 November 2022 at 13:09
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