Mississippi Lottery Hits $1 Billion Sales Milestone

Mississippi Lottery Hits $1 Billion Sales Milestone

Mississippi Lottery officials have lauded an ‘incredible accomplishment’ after reaching $1 billion in gross sales. It has not even been two years since the state lottery was launched, but Mississippians have welcomed the opportunity to play a wide range of games.

Mississippi became the 45th state to have its own lottery in 2019, officially getting up and running when the first scratch-off games went on sale on November 25th.

Powerball and Mega Millions followed in early 2020, giving residents the chance to play for some of the world’s biggest jackpots without having to cross the state border. You can now also play Match 5 and Cash 3 in Mississippi.

The popularity of the games has now helped the Mississippi Lottery Corporation (MLC) to pass the $1 billion sales barrier. Almost a quarter of that revenue has been returned to the State of Mississippi for roads, bridges and education.

Speaking of his delight at the milestone, MLC President Jeff Hewitt also highlighted what a difficult period everyone had to come through when the Covid-19 pandemic struck in early 2020.

He said: “Reaching the $1 billion mark is an incredible accomplishment considering the challenges we all faced just three and a half months after we launched. Our players have embraced our games, while our lottery retailers and vendors have worked hard to achieve this historic milestone for our organization and Mississippi.”

Dr. Mike McGrevey, chairman of the MLC Board of Directors, echoed Hewitt’s sentiments and predicted an exciting future for Mississippi Lottery players.

“Enthusiastic retailers, loyal players, dedicated Lottery employees and knowledgeable vendors have all contributed to the success of the MLC,” said Dr. McGrevey. “Given the achievements so far and the plans for the future, I sincerely believe the Mississippi Lottery will continue to be a winner for Mississippi.”

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