Cash 3 and Cash 4 To Bring In More Draws and New Fireball Feature

Cash 3 and Cash 4 To Bring In More Draws and New Fireball Feature

There will be more opportunities to win Cash 3 and Cash 4 from July 31, with a second daily drawing to be added to both games. A new Fireball feature will also be introduced, creating even more ways to win in each drawing.

The Mississippi Lottery has announced the exciting changes after listening to feedback from players, who have requested multiple drawings a day.

Going forward, Cash 3 and Cash 4 will take place at 2:30pm every day in addition to the current nightly drawings at 9:30pm. The games will otherwise remain unchanged, apart from the launch of Fireball.

How Does Fireball Work?

Fireball is an add-on feature that increases your chances of winning a prize in either Cash 3 or Cash 4. It doubles the price of a play if you want to take part, so a $1 wager would cost $2 if you added Fireball, and a $0.50 play would become $1.

You don’t have to pick any extra numbers with Fireball. Instead, there is a separate draw and one Fireball number is randomly selected between 0 and 9.

If you’ve added Fireball, you can replace any of the drawn numbers with the Fireball. For example, if you’ve played Cash 3 and picked the numbers 123, but the winning numbers are 127, you could still win. If the Fireball was 3, you could replace the 7 in the winning line with a 3 and it would exactly match your numbers.

You can even win multiple times in the same play, by winning with the base game and with Fireball.

Cash 3 was launched in September 2020, while Cash 4 followed in January of this year. The changes are designed to keep the games fresh and fun, and lottery officials are confident that players will enjoy the update.

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