Cash 3 Numbers for April 1st 2021

The Cash 3 Numbers for April 1st 2021 are shown here, detailing the three digits drawn at 9:50pm on Thursday night. You can also find a table below showing how many players won a payout. The numbers are shown in the order that they were drawn, and not ascending order, as this is important for the different methods of winning a payout.

Thursday, April 1st 2021
4 5 3

MS Cash 3 Winners for 04-01-2021
Category Winners
Exact Order 51
Six-Way Combination 285
Three-Way Combination 0
Exact Order/Six-Way Any Order 18
Exact Order/Three-Way Any Order 0
Six-Way Any Order 32
Three-Way Any Order 0
1-Off Straight 4
1-Off 6
Totals 396