A number of restrictions have been applied on lottery prize claims to try and limit the Coronavirus outbreak in Mississippi. More information can be found here.


Coronavirus Updates

To try and limit the interaction between lottery officials and the public in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, some changes have been made to the way lottery prizes can be claimed in Mississippi. From now on, prizes of $600 - $99,999 must be claimed via mail, rather than visiting regional office claim centers.

All prizes under $600 can still be claimed at authorised retailers in the state, but as some retailers may be closing to try and limit the COVID-19 virus themselves, it would be worth checking ahead of time to see if your retailer is open by contacting them. If you find retailers you can access are closed, then you can also claim prizes under $600 via mail. A list of retailers in Mississippi can be found here.

If you would lie to claim a lottery prize by mail then follow the steps below:

Mississippi Lottery Corporation
P.O. Box 321462
MS 39232

Players also have the option of holding onto their winning tickets and claiming them at a regional claim center once they reopen, although there has not been a date announced when this might happen. Tickets are valid for 180 days following the date draw they were entered into.

For winnings of $100,000 or more then players will need to make an appointment at the lottery headquarters in Flowood in order to claim their prize. Appointments can be made between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday by calling 601-500-0482.